7 October 2008

End of Raya Hols..here comes PIC '08!

Yep, it was a long journey up & down south to north then north to south. Indeed worthy for I'm beginning to like the Raya style in kampung (as i expected). Thank you God, for a husband who has the stamina to drive (a car, okayy!!) long distance..fooh fooh! Raya in Kulim was a bit quiet this year since for the time I arrived on Friday, Nana was already in to KL for her SATs exam on Saturday morning. Boohoo. next year, she''ll be off to the States..*owh shedihnyaa! Another thing that is as sad was, I have no control at all over my non-stop eating spree during Raya. On the 1st day of Raya it self, I was repeatingly eating every 1-2hours. Tonnes of Ketupat, Kerepek and all sorts of gravy+rendang and no to forget, COOOOKKIIIEEESSS!! I guess, a month of resisting ur cravings and fasting turns u into a monster...a hungry one! haiih...Now I'm worried about my upcoming Perhentian Island Challenge 2008 (Running+Swimming+Kayaking) in less than 2 weeks time. I'm nowhere near 'fit' at all..aside from being extra skinny..I don't think my muscle are as tough as they use to be.oh my...I am soooo dead! Teaming up with my darling Hannah as the Sunburns! We have come up with a training schedule (Morning Jogs and Night Swim)..lets see if we are discpline enough for this. Hey-HO!


...rux... said...

bila we all boleh rayer rumah korang nih?

makhluk ijau said...

ha'ah.. bile.??

atun said...

what?? u ngan tot?? ahhh... menchi!!!

Azealea Dz said...

*rux : when Open House fever ends.

*Mahkluk ijau: kau memang gatai.

*atun: yeah..dgn tot. hihi