31 October 2008

I need a bag full of Clover leaves

Coming back from the PIC’08, (here are some pics-more of us posing n chillin most of the time.manage to only get a few of us during the race.hehe)

the following Monday I had my weekly futsal where Shiz accidently positioned his left heel where I was about to kick the ball. In other words, yes, I kicked him. I suffered with a bruised toe and nail where until now I’m not able to bend the poor toe. (I just went for a padicure the afternoon before futsal!!) argghhh

Then during my recent ECC Malaka: Survive the Sahara Ride,

Before the horn blows..

Up the hill we go..

Then down the hill we go..

Enjoying the top view and eating more bananas..

resting with the 2 monkeys who arrived before 2pm.Ese n Marin

I become a humpty dumpty who had a great fall at one of the downhill. I should have listened to A’an not to position my break handle too low for comfort and should also go out for more technical rides with the guys (yes A’an, Fio, Dino, Jazlan and Nazri). I fell at the end of the 2 meters downhill without any breaks. Toppled over a few times and found myself in dazed surrounded by a group of men riders who become my instant doctors! All telling me that it was all because of my gender or they would just stop to ask if you can still feed yourself even with the injury and ride off again.Then I asked, would they all went ride off upon knowing that I’m married and the same concerned guy next to me who look more like my younger brother is actually my husband? Nahh…to late for them to escape and ride off, they say. Hahah. They were amazed that I can still laugh and crack jokes even with the bloody+bruised side of my face, shoulder, elbows and knee.

The humpty dumpty tragedy (with my instant doctors)

Honestly, I was more frustrated that I won’t be able to ride at my normal un-injured self. They honorable men patched me up and I insisted to proceed cycling to the next checkpoint where there, the marshals detained me from proceeding to the 5th Cp where I could have at least gotten a medal for the event. Bummer! I insisted A’an to proceed with the ride where he got his medal..proud of you dear and sorry for slowing you down..

Proud of my babe..

About the event, it was HOT as a Sahara desert indeed! But as far as I went that day, I like the tracks and the organizers were well prepared and truly helpful. I like the CP stickers, most!

Marin's plate..(before & after the ride) cool stickers eh.

Now at work, I’m wearing my thick framed glasses so my facial injury won’t look that obvious and it worked! Wished I still had my braces on where I could be the ugly betty for the week.

The nasty cut & the disguise-Ugly Betty kepala donga..

Then today..I put on a baju kurung -BK for it is Friday (I don’t know the exact reason why we must wear a BK on Fridays either to respect the holy day of the week or we can cover up our sexy outfit for tonight’s starting-of-the-weekend party) but for me, I’m wearing BK to cover my left patched knee. As I was limping down my Condo’s stairs towards the car this morning, I think I slipped on my BK’s long skirt and almost toppled over. Thank God I didn’t, or pity A’an would have to find a new wife to iron his shirt n make his poached eggs every morning. But..i sprained my right ankle a bit where I can’t fully flex my foot to the front! Now I’m truly limping both legs. I wonder what’s next?

So for those who think they really cares, please put a bag full of clover at a corner where I will accidentally found it and have all the good luck to survive for the month.

Why a clover leaf?

The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved, clover. According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally.[1]hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.

source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-leaf_clover


sHibI said...


take care of ur leg, ok


Juraimee said...

U don't need those clover actually.... you know what I meant..... just wonder why the sun not shine on you these little days... :-))
take care princess ugly betty....

Anonymous said...

kesian ko yekkk...
takpe, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger


Azealea Dz said...

Shibi: Tq babe! u too..jgn main hujan,or u'll get a jab in the knee! :)

Juraimee: Hehe..that 'Apocalypse' is actually my sunshine, who patched me up after my unlucky moments.

Skidall: Stronger is what i want! Yeay.

makhluk ijau said...

kalau dah stronger.. confirm la lepas nie aku yg kene pukol.. hehe..

Azealea Dz said...

'pukol' yg azea mau...hihi

norizzuddin said...

After my 1st endo (Oct '07, RRI at 11pm), Jazlan told me that for speedy recovery, ride more often...

So here I am telling you the same thing..... :)

p.s: take care and see you at KLMBH's hash this coming Sunday.

Anonymous said...

pukol yg makhluk itu mau

Diyanazman said...

outdoors is so cool... take care.. but why bananas???

Azealea Dz said...

a kinky energy booster!! (its cheap and easier on the pocket+esofagus than power bars n gels. and way tastier and u dont have to chew much or have it stuck in your esofagus like pow-gels- mengkelan la..)like apples, it keeps d doc away.

okay banana..pay me some commission!