14 October 2008

Fio's New Gal.

I haven't got the chance to ride since 2 months before we get hitched. Last Friday night I was jumping up&down to start cycling again. I was also sexcited to drool over Fio's new girl. (Ecc Melaka50km off road mayhem is drawing near anyway and I'm feeling like a fat cow already ) While waiting for him to arrive, me & Hulk stop by the Secret Recipe to pamper ourselves with some fat before we burn some later. heeee! (A'an was craving like a pregnant lady for it. You should see his belly)Halfway with the cake, came a guy with a smug face riding his new Santa Cruz..which we then drool over for quite a while and seems to forgot the cake (which Fio took the chance to finish it off). Drool some more upon knowing how much he has spent to dress her up! Then we were off to race againts the Rempiks.
Fio's new love. (distracted by my husband's round butt)
I was proud with myself when I didn't stop at all going up the KL Tower route after haven't been up there since last August! (On my way up, I didnt dare to look up at all...) I deserve another piece of that NY Cheese cake!

*mental note: must listen to Jass ,go and check d tailbone before the 'mayhem'. It starting to feel sore this time.


bastard united said...

yes, go and get it checked la....been telling you even before you got hitched..

makhluk ijau said...

dah bnyk kali ku pesan.. tapi kau degil jugak..

outkhai said...

wow! sleeky healthy brown legs!!
i like!

Anonymous said...

round nye butt dier.. i like!

wwehh...tak ajak pung..mencih la


FIO said...

kyuh mlm yg kita mauuu

sHibI said...

bestnye cycling..hmfff..

babe..i miss u~