28 February 2008

To vote or not to vote is the question...

Election day is near, have i registered myself? will i vote? vote for what? or shall i say,who? things to consider before i vote (IF...i ever vote, to begin with)
  1. who deserve my vote?
  2. should there be changes in the status quo?
  3. is there a need in these changes?
  4. how assured and ready will I be for the future changes & the effects?
  5. will i be apart of these changes or just a dormant observer? (like now. can't help it. the carefree feelin' is oh soooo goood)
  6. what are my special interest in each party and which party has the most? (face it, nowadays it's all about special interest)
To those who will vote, i salute your sense of responsibility as a citizen. and to thos who didnt, i salute your sense of anti-patriotism (there's another accurate term for this but iI cant recall what it is).Okay, enough about these self-asking questions i dont even give sh*t about.. enjoy this.. (funny how he did the multiple voices..)


atun said...

aik.. bukan dulu ko pernah cakap nak ganti rafidah aziz ke le'a? sudah tukar ka?

rational thinker said...

if u didn't vote, or being apathetic about the whole election idea...i am disappointed. how could u!


catch up sometime, babe.