14 February 2008

Skinsss for Sya~sya..

Surfin around the net ignoring the cramp n came across this cool site on cool gadgey skins... GelaSkins (low profile,removable skins) i wonder which one would look good on my baby, Sya~sya ... hmm..let's see..

On top of my list are..

*Red Robot Leaving Town
(cute ya? from Explodingdog)

*Monster (i love the hand drawn crowdy)

*Fuzin Raizin
(cool red+black Japanese style..wattaaaa)

*Going to California

*The Great Wave (a famous art)

*Fish (Ofey's gonna be jeaaalouuss)

and finally..this is just classically notty..hehehe

*The Earthly Garden
(look closely..ppl are just gonna stare at my Sya~sya with this..haha)

Oh dear..which one ya?


outkhai said...

babe, the name sya-sya
not to my liking laa
sounds like a russian pornstar instead

sory :p

Azealea Dz said...

o yeah..sizzlin hot russian porn starrrr..whippin!

ps/ Syasya is the name of JD's scooter in SCRUBS.I name my lappie this to annoy one of the series fan :)

slyman said...

me like the wave thingy....nice

slyman said...

nayy..on second tot i settle for the monster one.