20 February 2008

need.more.dose.of .SCRUBS...

my meaningful life is coming to an end..

it's like my fantasy life, hanging on to their every senseless words & goofy jokes which i came to love,adore,and all those dovey-wovey shit. soon...there will be only reruns and reruns and more reruns.

please,somebody, tell me WHY??! oh WHY....????!!!?? why torture me like this? what have i done so bad that i deserve such punishment??

what will i do next?

switch my obsession to other series like heroes+prison break+gray's anatomy+ugly betty and yada-yada-yada? it's not that i didnt follow them all (except for ugly betty, i couldn't give a shit.hell with it.no offense to those with blue rubbered braces) but i could still live without the hot-tight-bod but freaky cheerleader or the sizzling-tattooed hotness for a bandit with super mesmerizing eyes and the cute blonde doctor who snores..they all come 2nd to my SCRUBS!!

it's my one and only theraphy..oh dear. i'm screwed.


outkhai said...

'membe that fake dog named Rowdy?
thats cute i tell you.

Azealea Dz said...

hahah..yeah rowdy the stuffed dog. the ghost dog scared the shit outta ted & carla. a must watch: JD&Rowdy having bubble baths together -"how did u get so dirty?". ultimately disturbing,i tell u.haha

ssbm_04 said...

Well scrubs has had a good run. Like they say "you could never have a good thing for too long". I hate to see scrubs go, but I dont mind it either. Now that 30 rock is the new kid in town. I figure that its time to pass the torch. Azea, when do u want season 7 since your going tuna after this? Maybe they have a nerd-downloading-rowdy-loving-freak over there. hehe