5 February 2008

Happy Birthday 'Ketua Puak!!'

It was Wyn's Bday on that Monday. (Monday night is futsal nite) so me in my futsal outfit (slebet abis) with d rest of the clicks, went to Bora Ombak in Ampang to celebrate it! (Thanx to Dilla, it was no longer a surprise..hehe) The live bad sang her a Bday song and some Anuar Zain's..she had her fave choc indulgance cake (or was it Pamy's fave? hmm..) i can tell she was happy..(and come to think of it, this would be my last bday celebration as a Scanner..huk huk sob sob) Anywho, to Zuwina (Wyn, Ketua Puak, Samseng Miri etc) may your days filled with wonderful things n pleasant surprises with warm hugs n loving friends around you..we love u bunchess,sweetheart! MMMuuuaaahhh!

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