27 February 2008

Ayo~yo..Amma~ Appa...!!

With the Kolum of Love.. (Minachi & Sivaji the Boss)
Aiyooh tanggachi...yinnadeyy...
It was Ganesh's brother's wedding reception in Putrajaya last Sunday.
Only me& A'an, Niza&Kawi made it there that night.Both me & Niza were were all dolled up wearing sari to blend in the event.

With the brides
It was quite a failure actually because the moment we entered the hall,as i was looking out for Ganesh among the crowd,it was too obvious not to notice the sudden head turns and whispering. Gee, we were that bad,huh? (like i care) We had the same treatment from peaople at Brickfields as we went out of the Indian Bridal shop (Yeah, there's no way I could ever wear the sari on my own) So anyway, since I spent RM30 for sari wrapping service (is that how u call it? wrapping?) we girls were determined to pose for pictures as much as we possibly could. Then we will have the feeling that the spending was worth it. :)

The MIB's, L-R: Letchumi, Ganesh & Minachi
I must say that Ganesh was extra handsome that night..was it the clean shave? the effect of contact lenses? or the black kurta? He was a wonderful warm host for the night and we could never adore him more..plus, the indian food was....

super-YUMMY!! (extra spicy with a kick in the butt kinda yummy)
how i wish i could get more of that pistachios kulfi ice cream..
Now I'm looking forward to your own wedding, Gg! and definitely getting another set of sari specially for the event!


haniza said...

lalink...we are stunning that nite!!!(acceehhh perasan gituh) padahal we were damn afraid that our saree might fell down...tucks!!!

bastard united said...

try punjabi suits next time..easier and you don't have to worry bout it dropping down.But still, u managed to pull it off..cheerss...lovely.

Azealea Dz said...

haniza: yeah,it was terrified if each time i had to sit down & stand up again, then find the sari heaped down around my ankles bearing my bajinggos & tush2..haha.truly lalink, u were a gorgeous 'letchumi' that night :)

bastard utd:wow...a compliment from a hunk! thank you,babe! hurry up & get married so i can wear a punjabi suit!!

haniza said...


Anonymous said...

u gals r stunning...not the usual ones i use 2 c in off...hats down to both of u!