24 November 2008

Papa made me breakfast today

it has been ages since papa make me breakfast. i stopped having his super healthy breakfast when i was in the boarding school at 13. it was either half boiled eggs n toasts, smoothies (consist of protein mix+eggs+banana+milk+honey bla bla bla), cereal, weetbix, quaker oat with raisins n banana and the list goes on but everyday, we will have our spoonfull of scott's emulsion. Parents were in town and staying at my love shack. I lovee having them around.Then this morning..(we were up early since today is A'an's 1st day at MK ) as both of us were getting ready for work, I heard someone was getting busy in the kicthen.I smelled toast while having my shower. I was actually excited to get ready that morning for breakfast sake! It was freshly brewed coffee and toasts with marmalade+lime jam and butter. Simple but I muched happily all the way to work. (i wonder what he'll make if I have a fridge? hmm..) papa had gone swimming while we were finally ready for bfast and mum was still dozing off while Nana and Nanas were still sprawled infront of the 2 tvs. I miss being the small kid who enjoyed breakfast made by Papa...very much.


Anonymous said...

I pon makan Scott Emulsion pepagi..but mine is the pure white colour one.

Bile makan je..bau ikan!


norizzuddin said...

hahaha.. beli jiwa la tu.. ckp suka but actually you wish it was McD's breakfast meal..

Azealea Dz said...

the move it move it breakfast...nyum!!
(beli jiwa itu sudah pasti...hoho)