7 November 2008

Me told ya'..!!

Mr.HULK was always asking "what in the world is so special about Taiwan House's Beef Noodle Soup??" while he watched me slurping to the last drop in the huge bowl-yeap, it's the size of my face! everytime we were anywhere near Ampang Point and he asked me what's for dinner, my answer would be only this, in sequence:
  1. Taiwan House-BNS
  2. Hainan Chicken Rice
  3. Sushi King
  4. Yong Tau Foo
  5. Banana Leaf

So on Tuesday, he asked again and I insisted we go for option #1. He agreed, but will only keep me company. As I was placing my order (a BNS of course), i said-"I'm not preparing dinner tonight, tau sayang..", he gave in and ordered a Chicken Noodle Soup-CNS and was sure he'll be tapau-ing it in the end. tunggu la kau ye budak sombong...tak habis2 dengan pisang tanduk goreng cicah sambal kicap kau ye... Then our order came...

9pm: This is my BNS! with extra pickled veggie

9pm: All wide eyed and droolin' for his CNS

9.06pm: Sniffles but still chowin' on non stop.

9.15pm: Mr.HULK now knows why Taiwan house is at #1.

okay, now I'm hungry again.


sHibI said...

babe, tiap kali i visit here mesti rasa macam lapar sebab byk gmbr foods.hehehheeeh...

*hugs*love ya

Azealea Dz said...

Haha..the author pun sama..lapo memanjang.hihi

Anonymous said...

ok lah...kita ganti pizza hut dgn kuew teow nih...just to try coz im not a mee type of guy.

p/s--tis week no futsal for me, im on a mission in Agra.


diana luna said...

hahhaha can i take credit for introducing you to this place? muahhahahahaha

norizzuddin said...

no wonder la!!!! :)

ILi said...

Hulk..kot2 sampai licin?huh..

Azealea Dz said...

skidall: wokeh noted. futsal berjln dgn lancar skali.kalo ko ade lagi lancar kot.huhu.(lancar bab bahagi court rent)

diana; woh..all d credit has your name embossed on it lah! thank you beb!hihii

Dino:what la wonder2? one hit wonder? hihi..i make sure all d good food goes to the waist not waste. hihi

ili: ye beb..itu la a'an..hehe

outkhai said...

pisang goreng cicah sambal kicap layan beb! jom aan!

Diyanazman said...

i am surprised that I have never tasted that... hmmm sedapkah? mungkin juga korang hanya berposing dengan kamera buat2 muka berselera dan sebenarnya tidak.. hehehe

makhluk ijau said...

serious sedap.. x tipu..
din: pisang goreng cicah smbl kicap.. selalu sgt aku buat kat gumah.. lyn kat gumah aku la.. ko bwk pisang.. azea goreng.. huahauha..

outkhai said...

alaa, u la goreng.... i suapkn eh