22 March 2006

BANDUNG-JAKARTA by Crazee Malaysians-(PART 1)

DATE: 18-22 February 2006
Cheeseeee...!! (Azhar & Me at the Bandung's International Airport..doesn't look like one,huh?)
Okay peeps! I know this is kinda late news.. yeah..i was a bit busy with work and life..(who doesn't?) well, there goes my only excuse.
I had no sleep since the 16th, and I’m practically a living zombie today.. managed to packed in a few hours before departure time..At 0400, shoot to KLIA, arrived an hour and a half later, settled the ticketings and all those jazz..had a big breakfast at McD..now i know A’an detest coffee..hehehe..Azhar belagak dengan bun carefour dier..hihihi and at 0745-up & away to Bandung through the clear blue sky, and i noticed how weary the flight wings looked...huhuhu

“It’s gonna blow up!! It’s gonna blow up..!!” -Final Destination I

(0940-0840 Indo hour)
Airport Bandara Hussin Sastera Negara Bandung..which is..half of what it is..hihihi
Azhar gawked and drooled over the sexy Indonasian commercial ads while waiting for Dilla & Dino(the pak supir)..

ITB Conference
(L-R): Victor,Hornydrunkhacker, Pokley, Hazim, Bob-chi, Abg, Tesna, Dilla, Azea, Azhar
We have arrived at ITB-Institut Teknologika Bandung (i guess..). It was where we met the crazy, outstanding hackers, even those who proudly stated that he could only think straight when he’s drunk-cheers!! And he claimed that he is always horny (from his various horny-stickers on his laptop).

Hotel-Holiday Inn...
It was raining and it was freezing...
Here we are posing in front of the entrance of Bandung's Holiday in Hotel.. the only person who spend the night here is SK..the rest..were just there..for SK..hahahahahah!! Yeah,rite! but only we know what we did there...hope no one will black-mail us with that!! Muahahah!

Restoran Kampung Daun-Puncak!
Before our dinner..at the most memorable place to eat..the whole ambience was fantastic!

Before we dine..we pose!
Altho' it was drizzling, we had fun..(with a grumbling tummy) It was almost dark when we got there..

All of us we seated on a long table, japanese style. Dion, Tesna and Victor were the ones responsible introducing us to this wonderful place... (aside from making silly jokes and cramp our tumms!)

One of the dish.. Nasi Goreng Kampung Daun..
How am i suppose to finish all that by myself?

Azea & Dilla (Drooling over our dish!)

Can't re-call what we had but it was satisfying! Dilla mcm biasa la..sure x abis makan punye..we were sharing the big plate. Nak tau tak..they kind of steamed the rice with petai... ayoohhh!! It was nice,tho..

Part 11-coming up soon....

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