1 March 2006

Al-Jeffri's Futsal Team...Hihihi..!! -cute!!

FUTSAL TOURNAMENT (26th March 2006) -Ampang Sport Planet
-->A'an and his team.. (Al-Jefri's Audit Firm) well..yes, they are small in size, however, they managed to the semi's..hahhaha.. Hey.. they had their practice session every once a week, even a friendly match, once! (with my company,tho!!) So..hard work is the answer,people.. This picture was taken when they have won their first match which entitled them into the league..You can see them all smiley and happy..especially that over-excited guy in green t-shirt,putting up his hands as if the have won the finals!! hahhaha..i love their spirit!! the staff and the boss as well..fascinating!
-->See what i meant bout their sportmanship-spirit? hahaha...i call this: strategy planning.. :) they were devided into two teams actually. One is Al-Jefri' s team and the other is MGI's team. I have no foggiest idea what MGI stands for.. Unfortunetly,the second team didn't break to the league on their first match. Nevermind,guys..there's always next time!! Yeeehah! And next time, I'll be glad to be your cameraman again..hihi!!

---> This is me and my brown-sugar, A'an. No, we didn't plan to wear green that day. And no, it's not fate or whatever you guys call it.I don't believe that my love life depends on the colour of our shirts. Totally bullocks!! So..this picture is taken right before my liltle 5 year-old-cousin, Elissa was hit by a ball right at the back. Jatuh terduduk kau...kesian tuh! There at the back, the lady pointing at us is my her mom, which makes her, my aunt..duhh! No, it's not that she was careless or anything, it's just that it was an accident lah!! the ball came from nowhere!! Enough la..daa..Btw, i had fun!! -End

p/s- what? the Bandung Jakarta trip? It's coming up as promised..hihihi..when? that's a surprise...(macam best sgt je suspen-suspen cam ni..uhuk!)

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