16 March 2006

Low,so low...down below...

What's the difference between ANNOYED,JEALOUSY & INSECURE?
You are ANNOYED when you are irritated..when what you want, u dont get..or even, not used to the situation, action or attitude..in this case, it needs at least 1 peep involved, but to be JEALOUS, it needs at least 2 people involved. Eg-Gf is jealous of her bf going out with another girl. (so there'r 3 peeps involved). She's jealous of the girl for getting her bf's attention..and maybe 'some' affection..(haha) It's not that she doesn't trust her bf..it's just that she wouldn't want her bf to treat the girl as if she's special.. she's jealous because, she can sense that this would lead to trouble. from friends to close friends, best friends, special friend and finally..u should know by now-the substitute!! Hah! She could see that coming!! It's not that we are jealous guys..we know what other girls know, act..the plan..the seducing and sweet-talking... How did we know all that? It's in the Eve's genes, i guess. Well then, here comes INSECURITY- it's when your comfort zone being probed or disturbed. By what? U name it..by a sudden presence, situation...environment...everything under the sun. What makes you afraid of having another person/animal/object in your comfort zone is..loosing your rights to what you have in the first place! Combine all three- You are ANNOYED at first, the you are JEALOUS.. and starts to feel insecure of what's happening...So not cool..but..it's inevitable,peeps!! So no matter how loud you boast, u'll agree with my theory. I can assure u that,myself!! -End

(On the process of writing the article, the author was suffering from a very complicated and messy mental disorder..No, you dont want to know what it is. Trust me!)

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tomatoinc said...

nice to see your blog up and running back. :) mine is stil stagnant.

colourful life it seems.

all da best.

tomato nz