15 February 2006

Azrai...D'sengal Xpedition...

Gunung Bintang,Sedim, Kedah. (1800m)29th-31st Jan 2006
L-R clockwise: Me,Kamal-Sakai-Azrai,Bob,Ayzee,Ayie (Just getting started.. )
  • Participation : 37 peeps (29 UUM-kembararians, 8 not-so-old seniors..aku baru grad la..mude lagi,dol!!)
  • Total Cost : RM60 (Great food,tho!!)
  • Hvsack : kali ni 42+10 liters jek..
  • Secret Weapons : Popia Otak2, Frakfruters, Hot&spicy cken drummets,Cocktails, Bison tabbaco to puff away..(hihi,no lah! i made this up)
  • Project Rate : 6 out of 10

Hihihi...this would be one of the most hilarious hiking experience..since we got Azrai-"ko ada dadah x? kalo xde,bak rokok sebatang..kedekut,Pant*t,puk*mak..muka aku hensem x?" (bukan nama sebenar) with us...hahahha..that's the one in red shirt...i miss u all dude & dudettes!!

2) At Gunung Bintang's Peak...

All xcited to shoot down from the peak..right before the "cocktail party"-Organized by A'an(who is not in the picture,busy We enjoyed the sunrise(as usual).It was superb!!(yeah,as usual..) The night before, I noticed in awe of the bright,twinkling stars spread all over the ever-clear,open sky. Fascinating, as it matches the name of the mountain...if only i could tell the names of every stars & horoscopes..maybe,just maybe then,i could tell my future from it..haha. silly me!! Eh,ha..to explain those two naked guys at the back(kamal&awie), it's not that they are having a bikini contest, serial rapist/flashers who got lost and joined us, or anything like that..they were actually testing their limits againts the cold tempreture. (organized by A'an,again)-Contest: Sapa Tahan Sejuk..Dia Kacak! However,it wasn't that challenging since Kinabalu lagi sejuk,dol..!! Waklu!!

WHO'S WHO...Squatting-Standing,L-R: Zaki,Zul,Nana(hidden by Zul's big head!!),Azea(me!), Chela,Pa'an(Project Director),Sub,Egoat,K-own,Ayie,Semah,Ain,J-own,Sarah, Botak, Lyn, Kamal, Awie, Eja, Tini, Kadir, Ayzee,?,Wan,Zura,Kakek,Puden.

3) Air Terjun yg boleh switch on & off sukahati..heater pun ader beb..!!

  1. Kitorg tengah menghadap air terjun la time ni, tu yang xde gambo air terjun tuh..heh-heh-heh...Baru sampai air terjun je ni, lepas 4jam 30 min hiking..psyco gak coz:-
  2. 1-dah lama x hiking..dok opis jek..
  3. 2-guide tuh tipu arr..cakap hiking 2jam jek!!
  4. 3-Aku dah tua la..hihihih...
  5. 4-Depan aku xde mangsa yg menarik utk dijadikan inspirasi.. (Kurr& Rizal- Panjang,you know what i'm talking about..hahhah)

p/s: i have no foggiest idea what peja is doing.. (front,in blue-purple jersey & football socks)- he's the waterfall janitor! hihihi..boleh pulak terlupa nak bawak air terjun naik puncak..tu yg semua x mandi kat puncak..hampeh btul la ko ni peja!!

---> This is me and ct..enjoying the sunrise from the top of the mountain..to explain the liverpool scarf i'm wearing there..i absolutely have nothing againts MU,Liverpool,or Chelsea,AC Milan and the rest of the FC..to make it worse..i prefer NFL and NBA..sorry ya! It's just a scarf,for godsake!! Drop it,already..!!!

---> This is most of us..left behind..too busy having fun taking pictures and telling mindless jokes..!! I learnt my lesson not to run all the way downhill with my Eager sandals..it hurs your soles, calves and your mind as well... for those who hitched a ride with the guides, (kamal & i forgot sape sorang lagi) -shame on you!!! booohoo...!!! Pondan arrr..korang!!

--> Sub & me..trying to act cool or goth..i'm not sure which one..both not working for me.. Look at my hair!!! omigod!! Mind the lovely bonzai's, dwarf bushes and all...just-look-at-my-hair!!!! Arrgghhh.....!!! Horrible..horrible..people will get nightmares over this one.. Btw..thanx ya Kurr..for the Jim Thompson t-shirt..the cute jumbo reminds me a lot of u..!!

-->As a tribute..this is Kurr...he's supposed to hike with us, unfortunetly,he sprained his ankle- wallclimbing at Gua Kelam Perlis...tu la..degil x nak tunggu aku n a'an... Si gebu kesayangan aku & A'an nih....i guess..he should be one of 7 wonders of the world..for having a butt so white and cute..macam iklan baby Pampers tu...hahaha!! How did i know of this?? Hahahahah...ask those who hiked the Kerinchi Volcano, Indonesia with me..hahahah!!!

Okay peeps...that's all i can post in for this trip..the rest are..well confidential! (konon..) penat dah actually...I rest my case..Cheers!!

p/s: coming up..Bandung-Jakarta Trip on February'06

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