13 December 2005

Futsal with d wackos...!!!

Posted by Picasa Sweating session with the wackos of scan..
(L-R): Nazrul, Fizza, Dilla, Seme, Ganesh a.k.a Ghani, Me, Apis, Azhar & Ban..cute Ban...)
Well, it was more like a match between the embassy and the project office (a friendly match, they say..hah!) owh, the highlights.. Seme, the guy in green jersey n blue track bottom..manage to confused hi opponents by kicking of the ball along with his shoe..what a diversion...(and the great kick manage to tear his track bottom..oh,wow!) applause,people..applause..!!


tomatoinc said...

after nearly a year of absence, you are back ! rock on girl.


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