28 July 2006

Gunung Dato', N9 (15-16 July 2006)

Wtf*** is that?!!
(L-R):Pokleh, Azea & Sarah..
Almost on top of the world.. for the 2nd time I’ve reached the peak of Mount Dato’ (tho i've swore and grumbled like a grumpy ol'spinster like the 1st time) heh! It was an indeed a pure satisfaction and so-damn worth of all the whining,sweat and cramps! (kesian ko puden,dah tpakse sexy depan kitorg.. muahaha.. rezeki.. rezeki..) The view was magnificent! It was an easy climb lah..
We--> Azea, A’an, Liyana, Puden, Ct, Zue,A lang, Jal,Nana,Kakek & Sarah(wakil nama Klub:)

On Our Way Down...
(L-R): Jal,Sarah,Azea(red bandanna), Liyana, puden, Alang, Kakek, Zue, Ct, A'an(lepak kat blkg)..
Time ni kitorg semua benci dgn 'Abg Mo'.. gelak kat Liyana dgn ustaz Zul-"Saya Faham..".. and semua gila ayaq kelapa ais..fooh! Sampai bawah jek semua layan air terjun...ondway balik plak layan durian...pergh..x hingat!!

*These are the pics of me&A'an -last year's trip to Gunung Dato'..

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