9 August 2006

IKEA : Hangout with the wackos...!!

Saturday. 5th Aug 2006. 5pm-4am
(L-R):Wawa, Redza-chindian, Use-man, Azea-grill, Zairee, Mamat!
Gile ah..bebudak nih! Lama gile lepak IKEA. Aku dah lengoh kaki da..Redza,zairee and mamat are Ofey's practical mates..(underaged-mates) hihi. They were cool tho! Bunch of org gilak! They were tricked to chaperone us shopping in IKEA, pushing our trollies and somehow, they got us back when we found bunch of items we don't remember putting in our trollies...metal ashtray,colourful plastic straws, soft-toys, salad ladles and a few more rubbish we dont need and laughed about when we found out. The devils we enjoying their accomplishment-the pay back! Well...then Ayie came along with his PINK -in&out-modified Satria....

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