30 November 2004

TiRed,AnnOyEd & PisseD..!!

The weather is fine..thank god 4 that...it could have been worse! But to exaggerate things.. i had a bad day..well,not the whole day but one simple-dilly-daly email clouded my bright-blue sky... i had a non stop full class today from 10.30am-4pm (for every sunday & tuesday)..still i'm okay with it since most of my faved coursemates are in them with me...the lecturers seems fine..bright chance to score better this term..i hope! (btw..this would be my final term...yeeehaha!!) i was anticipating a reply from my lover-boy,so i rushed to the lab and checked my mails...there! was a few sentences...as if he replied for the sake of replying... and only 'a' comment on my very-long-heart out mail...just like that...and he even mentioned that he's too lazy to explain his reasoning on a matter i asked about in the 1st place... wtf is this? do you guys think that we girls,email our heartout,drags..long,about this and that with a purpose of entertaining u guys? huh? what am i? a clown? oh,maybe ur busy with ur workloads since ur working..so i have to understand the situation..so that's it? i'm so sick of being an understanding partner to a guy who is so self-centered,selfish n all those similar stuff...!! Ugghh!! okay..before i start swearing or go ballistic or heasteric,i'm outta here..!


tomatoinc said...

What's wrong azea? your another half irritated you?
Well, feel free to blurb it all out here. that's the use of a blog anyway. Enjoy it!

Btw, there's a lot of guys who enjoy writing long long replies and emails, eg me!

ofey said...

oits sista! la... was that true?? hmmm i agrree so much with what u said.... guys... are all the same.... when they think they already have us, in a blink they tru not to appreciate us... i feel the same way too dear sist.. i hate they're not listen.. i mean.. the old days before, they r our ears.. listen to our probs, funny stories even silly idiotic ones.. that was when they trying to ngorat us la... after that... hampeh.... annyoing too... hmm seems like we have same feeling la....