7 November 2004

me vs my lil' bro

it's between hatred, love and being fair whenever i was mad at any of my siblings. i just can't take it when my lil' brother who is 9 at the moment being crude,rude and so ungrateful sometimes.. being ungrateful is similar to betraying me,actually. and i could never-ever tolerate to betrayals. never. i chose respect over fear in my family. i don't mind overboard jokes or the younger ones call me by my name (no 'kak'/'sist')..as long as they know who i am to them,that is more than enough. well,i've been crude to my sist ofilia before but it's different. she's berely one year older,and we are so close to each other since..i don't even know when. well..as for my lil'bro..i guess it's my fault too..but whenever i'm trying to teach him a lesson by ignoring him for days,mum and papa would intefere (as always..) telling me that by ignoring him would only making it worse (maybe because there would be no one to iron his school uniform and wash his shoes..haha) so..there goes my wall...pity took over and i continue being ok with everything.. but until when? adoi....

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