2 December 2008

I'm excited for Mr.Crowe of Ms.Zue Ross??

This Miss Gorgeous is a good fren of ours (me n Ofey)..meet Zue Ross. we use to hang out in Kulim n Penang every weekend for movies, endless window shopping -nak beli xdak duit..budak2 skolah kan..la ni pun dah keja pun xdak duit jugak.haru sungguh life aku ni. n mindless chatter and bitchings.haha (she's actually a good friend of Ofey but then..being the friendly one..i always end up being close to them as well. mcm aku xde kawan sendiri pulak kan? kesian..huhu)

anywho, i kinda gave out a chuckle while my boss was passing by. and being a daddyly boss, he asked what's so funny.(sure dia risau aku gelakkan dia kan?nampak sgt what i think matters to him.hoho..perasan sat.) kena la aku tipu..i said i made a typo which sounds very obscene and do not wish to tell any elderly people. lepas tu dia terasa kot aku ckp dia elderly, and he went off..hoho. (aku dah agak melalut ni..ok back to Zue Ross's scoop) before starting on why I'd actually aku gelak sorang2 tadi , i must tell you that Ofey, the generous-media prima-sister-who-will never-forget-her-darling sister-whenever-she-gets-free movie passes.seperti biasa..gave me 2 free movie passes (watching tonight) since A'an has a plan, I'm proceeding with the premier with Zue Ross...(okay..we are now so close to the 'why i chuckled sorang2' story) the last movie we watched together was Titanic (yes, it was THAT long.ages dah kan?) and tonight...we are watching a movie with the same hero in it..Leonardo DiCaprio. guess what the movie is..la la la..

I'm a Russell Crowe fan then a Leonardo. excited dah ni..ngeh ngeh.
Oh and the gelak sorang2 part..after Zue Ross agreed to tag along for the premier, I suddenly remembered the adventure we had for watching Spice Girls the Movie in Penang. we went from cinema to cinemas and ended up in Penang Island for a 9pm show without thinking of our transportation back to the main land and Kulim.hahhahha...we scraped out or cash and coins to spend a night in a cheap motel..and the rest was hilarious...hahaha.even dah kena marah dgn Zue's big bro and uncle Ross.hahha. Ofey, Zue..ingat lagi tak? hahahha
okay Zue..cant wait for tonight...!! (not sure I'm excited for the movie or meeting up with Zue again.hmm)


Anonymous said...

kakakkakkaka...gelak smp sakit pinggang wei...-ms zueross

ofey said...

i cant hardly wait to watch ths together~ [excited!]

Azealea Dz said...

sis..next is keanu reeves plak kan ? kan? since our last obsession of matrix in form 2-3..haha