16 September 2008

Hannah is 25!

I'm such a loser! This event happened waaayyy back months before. I have just uploaded d pictures n videos on my bucket!
Hannah darling...I'm sooo sooo sorry for the make-up drama i did to get u to meet us at Izzi. U damn well know i'm not that stupid to let myself into such 'mess'. hahaha...anyway,..from the way u were concerned, n the way u were mad upon realizing that i made them all up for the sprise party..It was obvious that u LOOOOOOVVVEEEE me! I love u too,huns buns!
I;ve wished u before but..m wishing u again in d blog...for a Fantastic 25 of age! it has been a wonderful quarter..Hugs Hugs!Here 's more of the promised pics!

1 comment:

makhluk ijau said...

ehemm.. hepi buftday.. (err.. better see video laa.. lagi best.. hehe..)