20 September 2007

10 things about Azealea from Fendy's perspective....

From someone who seems to know me quite well in d pass few days.. :) This is what Fendy (my senior from uni, which we knew of each other's existence back then but never had the chance to greet/talk etc..which, until now we've upgraded to chat tru ym but still..never met) came out with on what he had discovered about me.. (in d exact words form ym)
fendy zaidan: 1- ko into sports or active lifestyle
fendy zaidan: 2- ko suka travel

fendy zaidan: 3- ko suka lelaki gelap

fendy zaidan: 4- ko suka makan, aku tau ini adalah fakta

fendy zaidan: 5- ko terrer bercakap, dan sosial skills ko tinggi

fendy zaidan: 6- ko pernah ada peluang nak jadik doktor

fendy zaidan: 7- ko cukur bulu ketiak

fendy zaidan: 8- ko suka roti bom, akut ak tau kenapa, mcm kena santau

fendy zaidan: 9- ko adalah seorang yg amat supportive

fendy zaidan: 10- ko manja, tapi ko taknak tunjuk

fendy zaidan: 11- ko hutang aku rm200

fendy zaidan: 12- ko busuk

fendy zaidan: 13- ko otak sedikit tak centre, sedikit, lebih kurang 2darjah ke kiri

fendy zaidan: 14- ko pergi pasar tak mandi

fendy zaidan: 15- ko sayang family dan kwn kwn ko, oh bf sekali

Hey...the subject says '1o things..' but there're 15 here..
what d heck, it's my blog.so what do u care? :p
Oh well..here's what i think about u, Fendy-Bendy..hahah
1- u like rare printed t-shirts
2-u iron all your T-SHIRTs before wearing them

3-YOU think you're a shy guy

4-u are always nice to your friends no matter what gender or species

5-u have an alter ego/ imaginary friend called Jack Sparrow

6-your nickname 'Beck' comes from the word 'Bek' for Kambing/Goat from d bushy goatee/beard u have

7-u like being different and you are proud to be different.

8-u're obesessed with gundam n shoes collection

9-you find the odour from GIRLS fresh from their sleep, sexy..hmm..
and finally..
10-you love your mom and respect your dad very much.
11-you think i'm cool because i said so! hihi

Hey, it's my blog again..and i know how to count..
i purposely add one more to the 10 things..
I'm impressed with what Fendy thought of me..
I'm glad i found another good friend to cherish..



fendy said...

ahahha... ko copy paste je ke, aku suruh ko pilih. sgt sgt terharu...

abeming said...

sangat benar kata2 fendy itu...=)