2 August 2007

It's Langkawi baby, not Terengganu!!

~~~~ "A'an..in 3 more months, a good friend of mine is getting married in Terengganu. Yes, i have a friend form terengganu and nope, u never met her before.Anyway, the point is, since i'm gonna be her bridesmaid, Yes, i know how to be a bridesmaid and please stop asking and listen lah!! Okay,she gave me 2 flight tickets scheduled on Friday morning to T'ganu.Since i'm dragging u along (and there's no way u can say NO to this) i DEMAND you to apply for a leave on that Friday!!" ~~~~
Yes, i lied..for it was actually 2 flight tickets to Langkawi..a birthday surprise trip for A'an..my brown-sugarrr!! (a place he had never been to even during his 4 years study up north but alway wanted to go...kesiaaaann sama dia) So after 4 months of lying to my boyfriend..i finally gave in and told him on d day we were supposed to fly off...i can't wait untill we r at d airport coz i have to go tru his luggage! i cant let him bring formal attires for a beach trip, cant i?hoho.. i recieved a playfull knock on d head and d most unforgetable sweetest smile from him followed by a bone-crushing+suffocating hug for a full 3 minutes..not forgetting the word "Chilake ko kencing aku slame 4 bulan lame nye ekkkk...cis! cis! aaaa..!!" hahahah..so we took the bus to LCCT and met Niza+Kawi (who were there waaaayyy early) at the terminal. Happily stuffed our face with McD for breakfast and flew off to Langkawi...
And here goes...

* We went to the Oriental Village for the famous cable car but sadly, the famous bridge is closed bcoz of the weather, so we decided to juz walk around the place..
-Here is Me+ A'an & Niza+Kawi with our pose at the frustrating cable car place..

However..we found out there's this one caged place with tamed deers and rabbits/hares where u can feed them and they wont bite ur fingers..(dah sekolah..-kata penjaga rabbit+rusa tu..)

*This is at the Crocodile farm..
-Kawi is with Bujang Kawi (the retarded croc-said to be soft­..hahah)
-A'an was acting scared by the biggest croc there when suddenly it yawns and gave A'an a real good scare! huhu

-Still at the croc farm where we posed..and posed..and posed..

*our second day, we wwent for Island Hopping
-Waiting for the shuttle
-Pose on d boat

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diana luna said...

hahha kasihan bapak ditipu oleh emaknye selama 4 bulan..tapi bapak masih bermurah hati masak nasik goreng fishball untuk anak2 daranya yang tu isap rokok jer keja nyer...